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Effective as of: March 15, 2017
Fee Schedule
New Account Membership Fee25.00
Returned Item (NSF)30.00
3rd Party Return Item Fee10.00
Stop Payment30.00
To re-open an account before 90 days elapse10.00
Inactive Account Fee - Per Year25.00
(for no activity for at least 2 years)
Return Mail Fee - (per piece returned)5.00
Escheat Notice Mailing Fee2.00
Federal Express50.00
($15.00 additional for Saturday delivery)
Cash Credit Union Check for Non-Member5.00
Outgoing Wire Transfer25.00
Outgoing International Wire Transfer50.00
Incoming Wire TransferFree
Money Order3.00
Cashier's Check5.00
(one free per day if member has over $25,000 on deposit)
Corporate Checks5.00
(1 per day payable to member)(1 free per day if member has over $25K on deposit)
Each additional corporate check5.00
Federal and Judicial Garnishments, Levied, Executions or Attachements-per response25.00
State Levies-per response25.00
Copy of Deposit Item5.00
Copy of Corporate Check, Cashiers Check or Money Order1.00
Account history or statement reproduction: each additional page1.00
Loan re-evaluation processing fee-per request25.00
(per member request on qualified loans)
Extension Agreements (holiday skip)25.00
Foreign Item Collection (per item)30.00
Coin Machine: Members5% of Deposit
Non-Members10% of Deposit
Money Market Account
Excess Share withdrawal fee (over 3 per month)10.00
Share Draft (Checking) Account Fees
Monthly service charge for share draft accountsNONE
MyCardCreate (custom10.00
Drafts returned unpaid (insufficient, etc)30.00
Stop Payment30.00
Overdraft Priviledge Fee30.00
Copy of Draft1.00
Check printing charges (fee waived if member has over $25K on deposit)At Cost
Account history or statement reproduction per page1.00
Assistance in balancing of account by credit union personnel25.00
per hour or any portion thereof
ATM Fees
Overdraft fee30.00
Re-issue or Re-activate Card/PIN Number5.00
Deposit Adjustment10.00
Debit Plastic Card Fees (Replacement of Cards)
1st CardFree
Replacement of Cards5.00
Verification of Deposit/Mortgage$10.00
Loan Document Copy (Per Copy)$5.00
Mortgage Payoff Demand$25.00