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Annual Percentage Rate (APR)

Current Loan Rates Dividend Rates Fee Schedule

Effective as of: 10/11/2017
Type of AccountMinimum Opening DepositMinimum Daily Balance to Earn APYDividend RateAnnual Percentage Yield (APY)
Regular Shares (Savings)
Tier I - Variable$1.00$11.50%1.52%
Tier II - Variable$20,0001.00%1.01%
Tier III - Variable$50,0000.75%0.75%
Trusts - Variable$0$500.10%0.10%
Kirby Kangaroo Club (Kids Savings) - Variable$1$10.10%0.10%
CU Succeed (Teen Savings) - Variable$1$10.10%0.10%
Holiday Club - Variable$1$10.25%0.25%
Money Market
Tier I - Variable$1,000$1,0000.20%0.20%
Tier II - Variable$20,000$20,0000.25%0.25%
Tier III - Variable$50,000$50,0000.30%0.30%
IRA Shares - Variable$50$500.30%0.30%
Share Certificates*
6 to 11 Months$1,000$1,0000.60%0.60%
1 Year0.80%0.80%
1.5 Years0.95%0.95%
2 Years1.15%1.16%
2.5 Years1.30%1.31%
3 Years1.45%1.46%
4 Years1.65%1.67%
5 Years1.95%1.97%
EZ Start Certificate*/***
(Same Terms as above)$100$100.10% added to Share Certificate Rate
Mini Jumbo Share Certificates*
(Same Terms as above)$50,000$50,000.10% added to Share Certificate Rate
IRA Share Certificates*
$500$500.10% added to Share Certificate rate
*The ANNUAL PERCENTAGE YIELD for a certificate account is based on an assumption that dividends will remain on deposit until maturity. A penalty will or may be imposed for early withdrawal.
**Dividend based on Flexible Rewards Program. Member must meet certain conditions including, but not limited to signed up for eStatements, having Direct Deposit, and having at least ten debit card transactions . The program includes an ATM refund for transactions outside our network(s).
***Maximum initial deposit is $1,000. Members may make additional deposit up to $250 once each month. An additional 10bp is added if the member has either Flexible Rewards or a Visa Affinity credit card. One per member.
This rate schedule states rates applicable to specified accounts and fees common to all accounts. This schedule is incorporated as a part of your account agreement with Sea Air Federal Credit Union.
For purposes of this disclosure, the Dividend Rate and Annual Percentage Yield stated for the term share accounts were offered within the most recent seven calendar days and were accurate as of the date shown. Please call (888) 732-2471 to obtain current rate information.