Current Promotions

Current Promotions

Holiday Helper Loan

Holiday FUN(ds)

If you're like most of us, some extra cash would come in handy during the holidays. Enjoy the holiday season without stress and spread more cheer with our Holiday Helper Loan.

Borrow up to $1,000 at 15.00%* for 12 months

Available now through January 31, 2023.

Membership Referral Promotion

The Sky's the Limit at Sea Air FCU!

Earn endless rewards when you refer a friend, family member, co-worker for membership.

EARN $251 for each of your first five referrals that join Sea Air FCU!
EARN $501 when you refer 6 or more new members for each referral that joins!

YOU'LL EARN DOUBLE THE REWARDS - that's $50 and $100 - if your referral is a DOD Military or civilian base employee!

Each referral will also earn you an entry into a quarterly drawing where you could win up to $200!2

The benefits of Sea Air FCU membership include:

  • Great loan and savings rates
  • Access to nearly 30,000 no-fee ATMs and Shared Branches nationwide through the CO-OP network
  • Earn Rewards Points with a Sea Air FCU Checking Account and Debit Card
  • A full-service financial institution for all financial needs, from loans to savings options

To get them started with a Sea Air FCU membership, simply click here to download, print, and complete the membership referral card and have the potential member complete and submit a membership application.

FREE COVID-19 AFPCE® Certified Counseling & Coaching

You and those closest to you don't have to navigate this alone.

FREE COVID-19 AFPCE® Certified Financial Counseling & Coaching Available for Sea Air FCU Members.

Our partners at AFCPE® (Association of Financial Counseling and Planning Education), along with the generosity of the Yellow Ribbon Network and other financial institutions such as the Wells Fargo Foundation have launched free virtual financial counseling and coaching initiative for Sea Air FCU members to utilize during this uncertain time.

AFCPE® certified financial counselors and coaches are offering unbiased and fully confidential virtual financial counseling and coaching sessions to individuals and families who are struggling with the financial implications of COVID-19.

As more communities announce the temporary closure of businesses, schools, and events, many people are struggling with financial uncertainty. While the government is helping to expand access to public benefits and implementing stimulus checks, there is still the added stress of successfully navigating these resources and your financial well-being in the short and long term.

Help us share this opportunity. If you or someone you know is interested in meeting with a financial counselor or coach, have them visit: